About Us

Don't Become A Company.. Become a Brand!

Brandedd is a full Branding & Graphic Design company. Specializing in branding small businesses, We offer everything you will need to market your brand to the fullest. This is includes logos, business cards, flyers, websites, packaging, and social media promos. Here, we take the extra mile to understand a brand in its entirety, to fully come up with a marketing strategy and design sure to gain exposure for your company and increase revenue. We even offer custom items, such salon and hair salon products, wall decals and posters, and more.

Started by 27 year old, DeJhanie Brown, in 2014, Brandedd by DB has taken off during the years. Gaining clients like Tara Wallace from Love & Hip Hop, Nya Lee, VH1 Sky, Black Ink's Dutchess Lattimore, Supa Cent, Ming Lee and more.  DeJhanie continues to find ways to strive to give each client the best experience. She has so much planned for the company in the coming years. There's no better place to start branding yourself and your company.

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