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Phase 1: Brand Identity
During this phase, we develop your brand’s identity with custom logos, alternative logos, and submarks. We create your custom color palette and choose your fonts and textures that will be incorporated into your brand. ( All is placed in your google drive so you will always have access. Logos are sent in 4 formats, JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI)

Phase 2: Content Creation
During this phase, we schedule product and promo shoots, build out brand mission and about information , as well as create the copy/verbiage  for website. Photoshoots, models, and props are included in this package.

Phase 3. Marketing Materials
This phase includes the designing of your business cards, thank you/postcards, packaging, and any other marketing materials we feel may be best for your brand including retractable banners, custom tablecloths, wall decals, brochures and more. This package does include prints for all cards and banners, and polymailers . You receive your print ready design for boxes as well as the vendor you can use to print them online. All of our vendors are US based.

Phase 4.  Web Development and Social Media
During this phase, your website is designed and developed. You also receive 20 post instagram spread and theme using custom content. You receive highlights cover images and story and wall templates. And lastly we design custom gifs/story sticker to upload to your personal giphy account and instagram.

The Brandedd Blueprint ( Full Service Branding) ($12,000)

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